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Chai BellaVitano

United States
12-14" diameter, 4" high
20 lbs

Established in 1939 by Paolo Sartori, Sartori Cheese Company is a fourth generation family owned business based in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Primarily renowned for their production of hard and Italian style cheeses, the company sources milk from local, family owned farms within a close radius to their production facilities. The herd size at each farm averages 75 cows and many of the farms have worked with Sartori for multiple generations. The company also operates an incentive program that encourages each farm to produce the best quality milk possible.

For production of Sartori’s cheeses, the milk is heated, cultures and rennet are added and, once the milk has coagulated, the curd is cut, releasing the whey which is drained off.

The remaining curd is hand-salted and transferred into hoops  and then pressed for several hours.  After that,the newly formed wheels of cheese are placed in a warm “overnight” room to encourage the expulsion of more whey.  

Wheels are then trimmed by hand and placed in a brine bath which encourages the formation of a rind.  After the brine bath, the cheese is moved to a curing room for further maturation.

Each variety of cheese is matured for a different length of time.  Every batch is tasted at regular intervals during this period and, when they are deemed ready, released for sale.

For the production of some of Sartori’s cheeses, carefully selected wheels are chosen to undergo a third stage of finishing.

This last stage involves the application by hand or soaking of a proprietary blend of one of a variety of coatings.

For production of Chai BellaVitano, wheels of BellaVitano Gold are hand-coated with a robust blend of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.


Tasting Notes

Flavors of tropical fruit and sweet cream from the interior paste of the cheese balance and mingle with the chai rind, resulting in a cheese that can either be eaten alone or used in cooking.


Chai BellaVitano pairs well with truffles, dark chocolate, figs, oranges and coconut. Good wine pairings include Asti Spumante, Moscato and Lambrusco. Beers include Belgian White Beer, Belgian Tripel Style, Weisse Beer and sparkling and still ciders.

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